EZ Battery Reconditioning

What is EZ Battery Reconditioning?

EZ Battery Reconditioning is a 10-20 minute method of bringing new life into the batteries you already own. Using simple tools such as a multi-meter you will be able to test your batteries, revive those that are underperforming, and nearly double the lifespan one gets out of the average car, golf cart or medical home battery. This method developed by Tom Ericson has helped keep thousands of cars and other devices running and kept their battery pollutants out of the landfill.

Many cars, golf carts and other devices run on so called wet-cell, lead-acid cell batteries. This means that typically a plate of lead is immersed in sulfuric acid, resulting in a reaction that creates electricity. Over time corrosive processes that are natural to the battery can result in decreased performance and lead to decreased voltage.

This decreased voltage can lead many to believe their battery is dead and needing to be replaced. The resulting trip for a new battery can be a painful one, as the costs and work for a replacement can be huge endeavor.

About the Author – Tom Ericson

The idea behind this course came from Tom Ericson. He used to work in a golf course where one Frank Thompson used to frequent to collect dead golf cart batteries. So, one day he decided, out of curiosity to know what Frank was doing with the worn out batteries. With a bit of persuasion, research, and collaboration, the EZ Battery Reconditioning™ guide was born.

How does EZ Battery Reconditioning Work?

The program is a teaching guide that takes you through a dead battery reconditioning course. Using pictures and diagrams, it’s almost like the author is right there with you, taking you through the reconditioning process. In the program, you’ll learn the secrets that big battery corporations don’t want you to know and ones that have already been tested by thousands and proven true.

What Will You Learn From EZ Battery Reconditioning?

  • You’ll learn how to revive a dead battery using not more than what you already have at home and with no technical knowledge whatsoever.
  • You’ll be advised on places you can get dead batteries you can recondition and sell or use yourself.
  • You will also learn how to restore rechargeable batteries that are not functioning properly.
  • You will learn how you can commercialize this process by buying the dead batteries, restoring them and selling them at a discounted price.
  • You will be taught how to test batteries so you can tell between the batteries that can be restored and those that cannot.
  • These are just some of the things you’ll get to learn from the Ez Battery Reconditioning program and the program promises much more, all guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars.

Pros Of EZ Battery Reconditioning?

  • This Guide Works For Almost Any Kind Of Batteries
  • EZ Battery Reconditioning Can Save You A Lot Of Money
  • It Can Also Help You Make Some Money
  • You Can Share Your Knowledge With Friends And Family
  • Pictures And Useful Graphs Are Included

Cons Of EZ Battery Reconditioning?

  • This Guide Is Available Exclusively Online
  • Available In Digital Format Only


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